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Don't listen to a word I say

the screams all sound the same

Dreamwidth migration
hold you
I didn't think it was a huge deal when Livejournal was purchased by a Russian company. I wasn't even sure it was too important that the servers got moved.

But the new TOS is ... sketchy as hell and definitely anti-First Amendment and anti-lgbt. (see cleolinda post here for more details: https://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/159268444899/dreamwidth) It makes me sad to leave LJ, I've been here since 2003, since you needed an invite code. I'm not going to delete everything right away, but I plan to start posting new content at Dreamwidth, and I'm migrating everything over to that journal so my 14 years of stuff is backed up.

You can find me at misslynn.dreamwidth.org. I hope those of you who are still reading will join me.

not crazy
if you've ever been in a newsroom, this will amuse you greatly. even if you haven't, it's still pretty freakin' funny.
joe sent this on at work.

the myth of a neat newsroom - exposed!Collapse )
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with friends like these...
hold you
seems like it bears repeating for the couple of new people who have added me lately but not introduced themselves. plus it fell off the main part of my public journal:

i generally don't add people who haven't introduced themselves and explained why they think we oughta be friends. i want to know and care about the people on my friendslist. and, be it vain or no, i want them to know and care about me.

so: please comment! introducing yourself is strongly encouraged!

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a story, in pictures, of my proposalCollapse )

eta: i've been grinning all day. it's so surreal and wonderful all at the same time. :) anymore, i don't get *too* sad leaving because i know we're not really going to be apart that long... but today, man, i did not want to let him go. ever. it was probably the best weekend of my entire life thus far :)

august 5, 2006
miss lynn
subtitled: eeeeeeee! (a shriek of glee)

so um. big news people. was NOT expecting this... but...

i'm engaged!!!!!!!!!

the story, cause some of my friends have already seen thisCollapse )

pictures probably late tomorrow night.


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